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Tail Docking

on December 30, 2012



It is difficult to get a clear picture of farming in Canada. Many sources claim outlandish stories of unbelievable cruelty, and they become just that; unbelievable. I have been researching over the last couple days (which, by the way is one of my great loves) and I want to share with you the things I find in my research. My goal is to try to find both sides of the story. I have not, and will not use PETA as a source for information. Personally I find their extreme tactics simply wrong. Back to tail docking.

I have been fortunate to have worked in several great  restaurants in our nations capital who have on occasion brought in whole or half pigs from local farms. I had honestly started to think that curly pigs tails were a myth because with the exception of one foggy memory they have all been stumpy! I got my answer when I stumbled across an article on tail docking. It explained that at birth, a piglets tail is snipped off. The reasoning, they said, was because the pig was taken from it’s momma too soon, and would suck and bite on other pigs tails. Leading to possible infections and death. Other article do not mention early weaning, only saying that in close quarters the pigs may bite each other. Wikipedia says: While tail docking is an effective preventive method in some cases, if it is not carried out correctly it may result in other problems such as rectal prolapse[3] or ill thrift.[4   


And here is some thing else. Lamb have their tails docked! All my life a saw lamb with fluffy little tufts of tail. Lies!


So, in conclusion, it kind of sucks but pigs have to get their tails docked for safety. Right? 


Here are two links to farm in the Ottawa area who DO NOT dock the pigs tails. Did I mention that a common practice is to clip their teeth as well?

The pigs that came through the doors of the restaurants I have worked in are not factory farmed pigs. So I have to wonder, if these pigs are from so-called “happy farms”, why are they coming to me docked and clipped when clearly there is a choice?? 



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