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Why I am doing this- and what this is.

on December 30, 2012

For the month of January I am challenging myself to eat a (to the best of my ability*) vegan diet. This blog will chronicle this little adventure.

There are a couple reasons why I am doing this:

1) My current eating habits suck. I quit drinking 2 years ago, and smoking 8 months ago.  I started actually eating and really enjoying it. Since I have always been thin, I didn’t worry. Well, I’m not exactly overweight now, but why sit around and wait for it to happen!

I know people manage to eat healthy AND eat meat. But being the junk food fiend I am, I really need to kick-start this! I am also curious about how I will feel, or if I will see any difference in my appearance at all.

2) To make me a better, more versatile chef. My job is to make people happy. And every one, no matter what allergies, restrictions or just plain pickiness deserves to have good food. Every one.

3) To get a glimpse into what it is like for vegans. I already have an idea- it’s not great.  I say this because for whatever reason, many people simply do not like vegans.

4) This is the tough one. There is a part of me that, in my efforts to become a kinder and more compassionate person, started to wonder if maybe farming and eating animals IS cruel.  As a chef I know more than the average person about what goes on between barn and plate. Is “that’s just the way it is” really a valid excuse? 

So there you have it.

*I say to the best of my ability because with my current job there may be times where I have to taste food to check for seasoning. I am not going to ask other people to do my job for me for  month.

P.s. If you are reading this and don’t know me personally, I love bacon and cheese and eat sour cream 2 cups at a time. Seriously.


One response to “Why I am doing this- and what this is.

  1. nick g says:

    You will have at least one follower reading this..!

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