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Vegan shop til you drop

on January 1, 2013

Today I met up with my best friend Josh, a vegan. We had lunch and for the next couple hours visited the bulk barn, the herb and spice and Hartmans. Once home I cooked up: tabouli, vegan chili, seitan sausages, edamame hummus and roasted salt and vinegar chick peas. 

Boy, am I beat!

I had planned on making a vegan ranch to help satisfy my craving for creamy dips. But I have found some thing truly amazing. Vegan sour cream. (!!!!!) 

It is good. It is SO good! When vegans tell me something is good I think, yeah, to you. Let me know tell you, no bullshit, coming from the mouth of a junk food loving omnivore: This shit is amazing.



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