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Day 2 -what I ate today

on January 2, 2013

Breakfast Toast with cashew butter and banana. 1 large apple.

Lunch Veggie chili, with vegan our cream and daiya vegan cheese. This was the first time I have tried this cheese and it was pretty great. I sniffed it hesitantly when I opened it and was surprised by how cheesy it smelled! Also had 2 glass of almond chocolate milk which is SO GOOD.

Dinner I had planned on making tofu tostadas but it was SOO cold out today, I didn’t want to go to the grocery store for tortillas and avocado. Maybe tomorrow. Instead I had pasta with garlic, broccoli, seitan sausage and olives. Fresh pineapple and coconut milk ice cream for dessert.

Snack Pita with lemon dill hummus. More pineapple.


I also started a batch of vegan cashew goats cheese, and if all goes well I will blog about it tomorrow!


3 responses to “Day 2 -what I ate today

  1. You probably know this but added nutrional yeast to stuff adds a nice “cheesey” taste to things.

  2. Adding! Damn you auto correct!!

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