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What I ate today, day 4/ch ch ch ch chia!

on January 5, 2013

Hello! Here is what I ate today (actually yesterday because I forgot to post).

Breakfast: The usual, toast with cashew butter and banana, Large apple, cocolate almond milk

Lunch: Nachos, salsa, avocado,cashew cheese, lime

Dinner: Arugula and tabouli salad with cucumber and cashew cheese (wow, I am eating a lot of cashew!) 3 plain tortillas

Snack: dried fruit. Celery and broccoli with edamame hummus.

After work snack: Chia pudding! I found a great way to eat chia, plus use up that vanilla almond milk that I didn’t like in my cereal. I made the simplest pudding possible but you could do so much with this basic recipe. Add cocoa, fruit,  or maple syrup. I just mixed 3/ 4 cup chia seeds with 2 cups of vanilla  almond milk and a teaspoon of vanilla extract for good measure. I think you could probably put little less chia, this was honesty the first recipe I looked at. Anyways, let it it, give it a stir every once and a while and you will see it thicken right up! I made mine in the morning and threw in the fridge to eat when I got home.  I  added half and banana and that was it. You may want to add something sweet, like sugar, maple or agave.  And yes, it is the same chia used to make those crazy house plant pets of our past. Chia is a super food, and contain more omega 3 oz for oz than salmon, more calcium than milk. You can also use it as an egg replacer.




2 responses to “What I ate today, day 4/ch ch ch ch chia!

  1. I’m just cruising through your whole blog. Its funny, we are on similar journeys faced by similar obstacles (working at a meat-centric restaurant and working long hours). Good luck to you, keep it up, and I’ll definately be following you! Oh and this chia pudding looks so easy and delicious, once i get my hands on some of those magical seeds I keep hearing so much about I’ll give this a try!

  2. […] mentioning he’d found some at a Mexican grocery store for a bargain; I might check that out. Easy Chia seed pudding recipe I found, also from a blogger with similar goals and challenges as […]

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