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What I ate today (day 5)

on January 6, 2013

Hello! Here is my daily “what I ate today as a vegan”.

Breakfast: Toast with cashew butter and banana, tea

Snack: Ketchup chips. I was bummed out to see the ones of my shelf contained dairy (WTF?), so I got a new bag of the “loads of ketchup” chip which does not.

Dinner: Cole slaw with veganaisse. (This is my first  time trying it and really I couldn’t tell the difference! Awesome stuff) Tortillas with seitan sausage, edamame hummus, arugula and cucumber.

Snack:  dry chocolate cherrios.  And later in the night my favorite- cashew banana toast!

I’m now snacking on skittles. Damn you addictive colourful sugar bites!

I really wanted to make hot chocolate with whipped cream but I was foiled at every turn! First all 3 can of hot chocolate I had contained dairy. Wait, that’s not true. One can is this awful  mexican spice hot chocolate that neither of us drinks but no one throws out.  Anyways, I made do with some almond milk, cocoa and sugar.

Now for the whip. This morning I was looking up recipes for coconut milk and found one for coconut milk whipped cream. The key though is for the fat and liquids to separate in the can. Some times it just works out that way, or you can make it happen by putting it in the fridge. Well, I didn’t get lucky, so I stuck the can in the fridge and  my hot chocolate will just have to wait for morning.


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