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What I ate today day 7

on January 8, 2013

One week in!

I just want to quickly mention the 2 vitamin I take every morning. The first is vitamin B12, which is only found in meat (and dirty vegetables some times, but you don’t want that). I have to take B12 regardless because my doctor said my B12 was low. Which I did, diligently, for a couple months…And so I am  back on B12.

The other is vitamin D. This one is a bitch to get. We get it from the sun, but if you live where I live, this time of year there is way less of it. It does all kinds of wonderful things for us, mostly to do with healthy strong bones. Omnivores are getting it in their milk, but only because it has been added. There is one other way: mushrooms.

Fungus, from USDA nutrient database (per 100 g):[127]

  • Mushrooms, portabella, exposed to ultraviolet light, raw: Vitamin D2: 11.2 μg (446 IU)
  • Mushrooms, portabella, exposed to ultraviolet light, grilled: Vitamin D2: 13.1 μg (524 IU)
  • Mushrooms, shiitake, dried: Vitamin D2: 3.9 μg (154 IU)
  • Mushrooms, shiitake, raw: Vitamin D2: 0.4 μg (18 IU)
  • Mushrooms, portabella, raw: Vitamin D2: 0.3 μg (10 IU)
  • Mushroom powder, any species, illuminated with sunlight or artificial ultraviolet light sources

Guess who doesn’t like mushrooms?

*******************************************************************************************************Breakfast: Toast, cashew butter, banana, huge chai tea

Lunch: Left over pasta (see day 6)

Dinner: Pimento grilled cheese (see previous post)

Dessert: Coconut chocolate chip cookie dough “ice cream”. 

Snack: Pita and hummus, left over chia pudding.


One response to “What I ate today day 7

  1. Susanna says:

    My doctor says that everyone in the northern hemisphere should be taking 1000 IU of Vit D a day!!!

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