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What I ate today day 12/what I ate as an omnivore

on January 13, 2013

I didn’t really eat enough  yesterday. I went to bed at 2:30 hungry and exhausted. Just one of those days.

Breakfast: pancakes with cashew butter, banana and maple syrup

Dinner: potato and herb perogies, tofutti sour cream, cole slaw

Snack: banana Bread

Snack: banana, chocolate cherrios

Snack: wheat thins with tofutti cream cheese.

Normally, when not being a vegan, my day would  go some thing like this:

Breakfast: sesame bagel, butter, fancy salt

Dinner: (at work, for free) mac and cheese, with tomatoes and cornbread croutons

Snack: (at work for free) pimento cheese and cracker, devilled egg

After work: Ketchup chips with sour cream

You can see a) how unhealthy that diet was, and b) how cheap and convenient it was!

Is this more expensive? Yes. feeding 2 of us strictly with food prepared at home is costly….Though only about 25% more. Which is kinda of strange considering how much more home food we are eating.

Off to have brunch at Imperial! Enjoy the mild slushy day:)


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