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why do people hate veg*ns?

on January 15, 2013




My experiences, my friends experiences and a quick jog ’round the ol’ internet comments sections tells me that people (not all, but many) hate vegans- and to a lesser extent vegetarians. Why??

1)”Vegan are smug assholes. They think their diet makes them “holier than thou””.

I have to wonder if this comes from some back-of-the-mind guilt? We all know animals are treated poorly, though some people are more educated than others. If I offered to show you a video from a factory farm, you would most likely, wholeheartedly decline. Do veg*ns, without “preaching” just simply remind people of something you want to forget?  Or am I just being preachy now??

The so-called preachy behavior vegan are being accused of reminds me of atheists and Christians.  There seems to be a lot of atheists that HATE religion. They say things like “Praying is stupid. Believing in god is stupid. The bible is stupid. Stop pushing your beliefs on me.” It has always amazed me how obsessed atheist are with god! And just who is really trying to push their own beliefs here, hmm?

Having said that, there are some damn preachy vegans out there. Peta comes to mind right away. I think I can safely say no one wants to be judged by the most extreme representations of their beliefs. The westboro baptists, for example, do not represent all who believe in god.

As a non drinker, I don’t judge you for drinking. As an ex smoker, I don’t judge you for smoking. As a temporary(?) vegan, I don’t judge you for eating meat. These are choices I made for me. They really don’t have anything to do with you. If you ask me why, and I tell you, it’s not preaching, it’s just the truth. If you feel bad, I didn’t make you feel that way. Only you control how you feel.

2) “You neeeed meat to survive! All vegans are sickly.”

Seriously? ‘Cause these people seem to be doing fine :

I do take supplements but guess what? So do  you. That vitamin D pill I take? They add it to your milk. It wasn’t there naturally. I also take b12. For whatever reason, even with an omnivore diet I wasn’t getting enough (according to my doctor and blood tests). It is shockingly easy to get protein (especially eating cashew butter everyday!). And of the top ten food with the most iron, animal products only count for 3. And I’m just going to go ahead and assume not everyone is chowing down on liver, oysters and fish eggs daily.


There are arguments that a plant based diets is the healthiest way to go. Check out the film “forks over knives” if you want to learn more about that. Or the China Study :

3) “They  inconvenience MY life! Now we can’t have wing night. What am I supposed to feed them? ”

This one even I am guilty of. Before my best friend went vegan we used to dine out together often. Suddenly, I lost my dining partner. Of course we still go out to eat but our choices are limited. I’m hoping this will change. Almost everywhere you go there is a least one vegetarian option . Hopefully it won’t be too long before vegan options start popping up on more menus. I can relate on a different note. I don’t know how many fancy food and wine events I have been to where it is near impossible to get even water, nevermind a non alcohol drink. But I digress….

In the end, I think people are just often put off by people being different than them.  What do you think? Do you hate Vegans? Are you a vegan who has experience back lash? Please comment below!


12 responses to “why do people hate veg*ns?

  1. freakenvegan says:

    There are extremists no matter what you choose to label yourself as. Atheists who think they are better then christians (and some who just dont believe in god and dont care if others do). Christians who tell atheists they are going to hell (and some who just dont understand it).
    Vegans who attack people for eating meat (and those who just want to enjoy their vegan meal in peace).

    I dont hide being a vegan but I also dont go around announcing “I AM VEGAN” unless someone asks me to dinner at their house. Then I politely let them know and offer to bring a dish over so it wont be too much of an inconvenience.
    More often then not though I get attacked for being vegan by people that I didnt even know knew I was one. They mock me and complain about how vegans are so preachy and snobbish before I even get to say anything.

  2. I have lots of vegan friends and I definitely don’t hate them!

    right now DH and I are following a very un-vegan diet called “primal” or “caveman” (not diet as in to lose weight…more like diet in the way that veganism is a diet). we try not to eat bread, pasta, rice, or white potatoes because we do not believe that our bodies are built to properly handle those foods. we eat lots of meat, eggs, veggies, and fruits — and not much else (but you can do a LOT with that stuff!).

    many of my vegan friends post articles about how they do not believe that our bodies are built to properly handle eating meat/animal products. after reading a bunch of said articles, I feel as though both perspectives are equally valid.

    the guidelines for the primal/caveman way of eating are very concerned with making sure that our food comes from sustainable, local sources rather than factory farms. factory farms are the antithesis of caveman living, for sure. I feel as though that if we are going to eat meat, that we should be very concerned with where our food is coming from.

    I will check out “forks over knives” 🙂

  3. Matthew Chiglinsky says:

    I’m glad you distance yourself from PETA. PETA seems to run ads that feature semi-nude women, which I find very disrespectful. So, apparently they believe it’s okay to humiliate women but bad to mistreat animals. That’s a reversal of priorities. The general idea of the human race is that humans get preference over animals.

    By the way, I didn’t even know people hated vegans. I actually thought vegans hated the rest of us. I personally only eat meat/eggs because they’re the most convenient source of protein, fat, and vitamin B12 I’ve found so far. I thought vegans might be angry with people like me for not trying harder to avoid killing animals.

    As far as I’m concerned, vegans may have figured out how to live a more spiritually pure life. There’s nothing righteous or holy about killing animals. It’s just one of many survival techniques. So, go be vegan, and be at peace.

  4. Matthew Chiglinsky says:

    Oh, you know I said that wrong. I should have left out fat. Animal fat is garbage. I do realize that vegetable oils are healthier. It’s really the complete protein and B12 I’m after.

    • Thank you for your comments. Protein is so easy to get without meat. 2tbsp of nut butter is one unit of protein, equal to one ounce of meat. But it is true that getting B12 is hard. I take a vitamin, and I find that pretty easy:)

  5. Some vegans aren’t healthy. When my sister feel into a PETA-infused abyss of animal righs she dropped meat without choosing to eat right. She became very skinny and unhealthy. Today it’s different and she works hard to maintain her active body on a vegetrian diet by eating ALL day long. But she used to be MUCH worse.
    Also, many vegetarians and vegans (especially vegans) DO have a preachy attitude. I have had vegans tell me that I am litterally a mass murderer, throw PETA pamphlets at me and spout insults that would make your hair curl. Because I eat meat they say I should be killed horribly and so should everyone else that eats meat. The fact that I awknowlege the unhealthy factory farmed foods in my life and work to change it by eating from better meat-based sources is actually even MORE reporachable to many vegans because it is one thing to be ignorant of meat’s conseqences… But to actually know about them and NOT jump to being vegan makes me even worse than people who know nothing.
    And while it’s not that ALL vegans/vegetarians are this way (my sister is one that isn’t and we get along fine), it’s true that many of them are. Especially the ones that are very vocal about being meat-free. So when the people who most promote the cause are the people who scream murder and insult you it is easy to associate that group as horrible people because the ones who make it clear they’re in that group (and therefore are it’s face) ARE horrible people. Much the same way with christians. If you are in an old-style church and say you don’t believe in god suddenly everyone HATES you and says horrible things like you will burn forever and you’ll die terribly and you aren’t deserving of life. Pretty soon it’s easy to hate those people, and anyone who associates with them right back. And it’s easy to become quite defensive when your only experience with a group is moral hate being spewed at you. I have experienced both of these things first hand.
    So cut people a little bit of a break. These people don’t hate you because you’re vegan. They don’t hate you at all. They hate that they have been abused by vegans. They hate that their only experience with people that don’t eat meat is a culture of hate and bigotry. They hate the idea of an entire group that thinks they are right and that anyone else should be shot. And sometimes that leads to them throwing the first blow. If they hit first they make themselves better in their minds as a buffer before they have to hear someone ripping them down for being different in whatever way they are.

    Your best bet might be to be like my sister who has no issues with people eating meat.
    Awknowledge that eating meat is fine too and that not doing it is a personal choice. Show them there is a side to vegans that isn’t just hate and chants of murder. Stop being preachy and saying things like “they hate us because they’re secretly guilty” like you do at the very start of this post. All you do with that is breed hate right back and reinforce the sterotype.

    You want people to think you’re not the sterotype? Just stop being the sterotype. And try to think of it from the other side. People don’t hate vegans, or christians or different races or people with college degrees or ANY sterotypical group… They hate people that hate.

    • I am sorry to hear you have had people scream and yell and makes threats at you. I have never experienced that. Where on earth does this happen?
      I agree a vegan diet can be unhealthy, especially if you sit around eating soy dogs all day. But so can an omnivore diet. That’s a no brainer right?
      It’s a real bummer to me that PETA has become the face of every veg*an, and I am to be judged based on them.
      Regarding my “peachy, you must feel guilty” remark. If I offer to tell you about factory farming and you say no, i dont want to hear it, its will make me sad, what else could I assume?? As I have only been vegan for 2 weeks, it’s quite easy for me to look at it from the other side. Maybe that remark came from my own guilt as a meat eater.
      I don’t sweat it when religious folks tell me i am going to hell for this or that. Because I don’t believe in hell. If you don’t have a problem with eating meat, why would you care what peta thinks of you??
      I also think it’s sad that people would attack a veg*n first for fear of being ripped down for being different (you mean being part of the 99.9%??). That reinforces a stereotype of its own and I hope you try to avoid becoming that one yourself.

      • It has happened at street fairs and right here on wordpress. I have had almost exclusively bad interactions from vegans and animal rights groups. Better from vegetarians but still not good. The best reactions I get tend to be angry stares from groups of vegans.
        If you offer to tell me about factory farming because I eat meat you are saying “look at how awful you are supporting this, be vegan”. Of course people will react poorly if you show them something that makes you seem morally superior. You aren’t saying “Oh! You eat meat? Did you know there is this great local farmer that raises humanely kept beef? It is a healthy alternative to facotory farmed foods which are awful.” You are saying “look at this thing that makes you feel bad about your life choices that I disagree with”. You could assume they are asking for the same respect you ask for when you ask people not go “you’re vegan!? I love meat and think that is snobbish! *grotesquely slurps bacon in front of you mockingly*” instead of assuming they are guilty.
        And not everyone can brush these things off so easilly. You show through this post that you are affected by the same thing. People ridicule you for being vegan so you look at them as guilty, fat, ignorant humans. It is right here in this post. If people who are genetically encoded to care about their social standing to the point that they fight and die over it are expected to just ignore opposing views… Why is it that you didnt do just that? Why did you need to express your stress over it? If you don’t eat meat why would you care about what people who do eat meat think of you?
        Humans are social. And frequently the people doing the accusing are people we want to like. I like animal people but many of them are vegans telling me I am a murderer. Since I want to like them their instant rejection of me hurts and the fact that they spend their time offering to show me videos of factory farms to show how bad my life choices (and at the same time how much better theirs) are makes me mad. It doesn’t matter how few vegans there are in the world. If someone hates you it is only natural to respond. Especially when someone says something truly horrible to you like how hitler-like you are to eat chicken or how meat eaters should be shot.
        I try not to hate people. Ever. I ascribe to a very zen sense of life. If you hate me for eating meat then I feel bad that you feel the need to hate me. If you have no problem with what I eat why would I care what you eat? But not everyone is so free minded and not everyone can be. Even I have trouble brushing off what people say, especially some of the things vegans say. Which is why it is up to every person to change perspectives.

        Say something kind and constructive to someone instead of offering a video of torture. Offer them a taste of some amazing vegan curry as they slurp their bacon (and don’t be too offended if they refuse). Alleviate their fear of ridicule by smiling and assuring them you DON’T have a problem with meat. Or at the
        very least just walk away. But at no point is it productive to even imply that someone is doing something morally lesser than you. You attract more flies with honey… Even if honey isn’t always strictly vegan. 😛

  6. “You aren’t saying “Oh! You eat meat? Did you know there is this great local farmer that raises humanely kept beef?”
    Actually I have listed sources for farmers in my area for better kept pigs, and eggs, though honestly not a beef one yet, but I am working on it!
    I really feel like you are lumping me in with a group, assuming all my thoughts and feelings are the same.
    And I’ll remind you again. I am an omnivore on a month long vegan experiment. I’m essentially from your camp! I am not a member of peta, I don’t hate people who eat meat. and of course i don’t think them all fat and ignorant! I thought the comic was cute.
    Sadly, by coming on here and putting myself and all vegans down, you seemed to have proved my original thought, that people do not like vegans! And you may feel it’s justified, and that’s fine. But please don’t tell me I am suddenly the same as all vegans the minute I bite down on my first chickpea burger. That’s just silly!

    • Wow. I never tried to put you and all vegans down. I was trying to offer an answer to your question. You asked why people hate vegans. I tried to explain that the moment you make being vegan a morally superior choice instead of a personal one (say by saying they are secretly guilty or showing them videos of animals being tortured) you will make people mad. And because most vegans do just that, most people lump you in with a group for which the figureheads are hateful and abusive. And because we automatically have a genetic desire to be the most socially acceptable and superior in relationships many people react very poorly to people who they associate with a group that treats them badly and will strike the first blow. I am sorry you took my little social psych ramble so personally. For the record I could not care less if you are a vegan or not as long as you are not trying to tell me how bad I am for not being one. But all I was trying to do was answer your question. Maybe you shouldn’t ask if you don’t want an answer…

  7. alycevayle says:

    Great picture! If only people knew how great an all-plant diet is – everyone would do it!

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