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What I ate today day 17 +homemade lasagna!

on January 17, 2013

Breakfast: Fruit smoothie.

Snack: Cupcakes with some of my favorite people, Josh and Gwen. We went to thimblecakes on Bank st. 80-90 percent of the stuff there is vegan, all easy to find with a small V (for vegan) or D (for dairy) beside the cupcake name. They also make amazing coconut milk ice cream!

I had a chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake and a coconut milk latte. This was my first coffee in 17 days!! I realized early on that I dont really like soy milk. Just as well I figured since I didnt want to overdo soy and I do like tofu and a couple of my other dairy alternatives like tofutti sour cream and cream cheese are soy based. And I have been having a bit of an issue with caffeine making me feel squirrely, so I just stopped. Until today. It was totally delicious, I only drank half, I felt squirrely. Back on the coffee-free wagon I go.

Lunch: I was so hungry when I got home I devoured a spinach-tofu samosa as soon as I got in the door. I picked up some tempeh for the first time today and made such an awesome sandwich! Toasted rye with “cream cheese”, avocado, arugula and smokey maple tempeh.


Snack: Green goodness smoothie. Sooo good,

Dinner: I made lasagna! Ok, ok. I did use store bought noodles and sauce. So sue me.For the cheese I used silken tofu with spinach and garlic. I also added some daiya mozzarella to the mix and on top . And a couple olives, because I love them.


Not bad eh?


2 responses to “What I ate today day 17 +homemade lasagna!

  1. cdanie11e says:

    what is the “cream cheese” you used? I’m still searching for a good non-dairy Cream Cheese. Would love to hear what brand you use – or do you make your own?

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