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Omnivores Guilt

on January 31, 2013

Tomorrow is the last day of Veganuary. And I feel panicked. 

Last night I shared some of my thoughts and struggles with a vegan friend. He assured me that I didn’t have to make some big decision, I could go back to the way I was, or I could just change a little, or  a lot.  Whatever felt right for me.

But I don’t know what that is anymore.

I can’t unlearn what I know. I can’t look at my cat sleeping peacefully and think that if he was a different animal I would be ok with him being killed, possibly terrified, just so I can eat something I don’t even need to survive. Why is my cats life worth more than a pigs? Why is mine? Because humans are smart? If we were so smart you wouldn’t have fucked up planet so much in the 20 (relative) seconds we inhabited it .

I told my friend it was getting a little annoying sometimes, cooking for myself all the time. Turning down things like the bag of ketchup chips that contained milk (why,why, why??) and smarties. And I felt like a dick. How could I compare my minor annoyance with a lifetime of suffering? 

So please Omnivores, tell me why I should eat meat. Tell me why you don’t feel guilty, how you get past it. Is eating animals from “happy farms” enough? Fish are not factory farmed, is it ok to eat sustainable fish?  And what about eggs and dairy? It seems to me those cows and chicken have it the worst.

Would it be stupid to be mostly vegan? A weekday vegan? Or would it be hypocritical? Would you say I had to be one or the other? Does it mean nothing to try a prevent a little bit of suffering? 


2 responses to “Omnivores Guilt

  1. rob allen says:

    i believe everything in moderation

  2. I think you should do what you can! Even if you went vegan for 1 day a week, that still makes a difference. Even if someone can only afford to buy sustainable fish, but still factory-farmed eggs and meat, that still makes a difference.

    You can never be perfect…we buy happy-farm meat and eggs and milk, but are the eggs in my mayo or caesar dressing “happy” eggs? No. When we go out for a burger am I sure that the cow was treated humanely? Nope. And of course, we can never get around the fact that even if we are buying stuff from the best farms, the fact remains, like you said, we are a part of killing an animal that we don’t need to kill.

    You just do what you can, y’know?

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