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Veganuary- post mortem

on February 2, 2013


It’s february 2nd. Yesterday I had a bowl of noodles with fish sauce in them. Today my all vegan otherwise lunch includes some bacon (local and home cured/smoked by my dear boyfriend).

Part of me wants to stay vegan forever. I feel good. Physically, and yes, morally.  But being  a chef make this hard, and I am only human. Still these excuses sound lame.

So I have decided to maintain a as-vegan-as-i-want diet. That means replacing dairy and egg wherever possible and greatly limiting my meat consumption. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Of course I will not call myself a vegan out of respect for people who actually are.

One thing that bothered me during this experiment (and I am totally guilty of it) was when people would say ” you can’t eat that.”  It happens with alcohol too. Someone will say “sarah can’t have wine.” Thing is, I can have whatever I want. I CHOOSE not the have chicken and cocktails. It’s stupid, but it bothers me.

So this is it. I have started a new blog if you enjoyed reading this one, please give it a go 🙂

It will definitely include vegan recipes!

And please feel free to ask me any questions about recipe, or veganism, or whatever!


2 responses to “Veganuary- post mortem

  1. cdanie11e says:

    The way I see it, you should never have to feel bad about the food choices you’re making because of someone else’s opinion. If you personally feel like you are doing your best keeping a balance of healthy lifestyle and keeping in mind what happens behind the meat and dairy you may consume and making your best effort to decrease your intake (whatever that may be big or small), then what is there to feel bad about? You keep doing what you feel is your best effort and in the end, if you’re happy with that, that’s all that matters! 😉

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