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What I ate today day 16/Red and white event in support of Harmony House

Sorry this post is coming a little late. Yesterday was the big charity event I have been working on,planning, and stressing out about all week. It went great and I feel so lucky to have had the chance to be a part of it! My dear boyfriend came a long to help and I couldnt have done it without him. 

Breakfast: Bagel with cashew, banana and FEAR. Just kidding. But I was feeling a little nervous.

Lunch: I packed us up what I thought was a lot of food. I wish I had brought even more. We had sandwiches (cream cheese and cuke, Seitan and hummus) granola bars, vanilla cultured coconut and berries.

Dinner: A big ol’ salad. Hummus and tortillas. Plus a gift of delicious seitan and root veg phyllo  roulade from Caroline Ishii of ZenKitchen. She and Katie Brown of Beckta were the other Chefs participating. 

Snacks: We stuffed our faces when we got home! I had toast with cashew butter and banana, spicy peanuts, dark chocolate bar and green goodness smoothie.

Went to bed exhausted and happy:)

Here is a photo of me on the demo stage making perogies.


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What I ate today, day 15

Breakfast: Bagel with cashew butter and banana. Apple. Chocolate almond milk

Snack: Dark chocolate. Left over pizza.

Dinner: Tofu “butter chicken” and rice.

Snack: weird expensive hippy granola bar. Apple.

Snack: Bagel with cashew butter and banana. Full circle 😉


I also ate the dish I am preparing for tomorrow charity event. It contained meat, dairy and eggs. 


why do people hate veg*ns?




My experiences, my friends experiences and a quick jog ’round the ol’ internet comments sections tells me that people (not all, but many) hate vegans- and to a lesser extent vegetarians. Why??

1)”Vegan are smug assholes. They think their diet makes them “holier than thou””.

I have to wonder if this comes from some back-of-the-mind guilt? We all know animals are treated poorly, though some people are more educated than others. If I offered to show you a video from a factory farm, you would most likely, wholeheartedly decline. Do veg*ns, without “preaching” just simply remind people of something you want to forget?  Or am I just being preachy now??

The so-called preachy behavior vegan are being accused of reminds me of atheists and Christians.  There seems to be a lot of atheists that HATE religion. They say things like “Praying is stupid. Believing in god is stupid. The bible is stupid. Stop pushing your beliefs on me.” It has always amazed me how obsessed atheist are with god! And just who is really trying to push their own beliefs here, hmm?

Having said that, there are some damn preachy vegans out there. Peta comes to mind right away. I think I can safely say no one wants to be judged by the most extreme representations of their beliefs. The westboro baptists, for example, do not represent all who believe in god.

As a non drinker, I don’t judge you for drinking. As an ex smoker, I don’t judge you for smoking. As a temporary(?) vegan, I don’t judge you for eating meat. These are choices I made for me. They really don’t have anything to do with you. If you ask me why, and I tell you, it’s not preaching, it’s just the truth. If you feel bad, I didn’t make you feel that way. Only you control how you feel.

2) “You neeeed meat to survive! All vegans are sickly.”

Seriously? ‘Cause these people seem to be doing fine :

I do take supplements but guess what? So do  you. That vitamin D pill I take? They add it to your milk. It wasn’t there naturally. I also take b12. For whatever reason, even with an omnivore diet I wasn’t getting enough (according to my doctor and blood tests). It is shockingly easy to get protein (especially eating cashew butter everyday!). And of the top ten food with the most iron, animal products only count for 3. And I’m just going to go ahead and assume not everyone is chowing down on liver, oysters and fish eggs daily.


There are arguments that a plant based diets is the healthiest way to go. Check out the film “forks over knives” if you want to learn more about that. Or the China Study :

3) “They  inconvenience MY life! Now we can’t have wing night. What am I supposed to feed them? ”

This one even I am guilty of. Before my best friend went vegan we used to dine out together often. Suddenly, I lost my dining partner. Of course we still go out to eat but our choices are limited. I’m hoping this will change. Almost everywhere you go there is a least one vegetarian option . Hopefully it won’t be too long before vegan options start popping up on more menus. I can relate on a different note. I don’t know how many fancy food and wine events I have been to where it is near impossible to get even water, nevermind a non alcohol drink. But I digress….

In the end, I think people are just often put off by people being different than them.  What do you think? Do you hate Vegans? Are you a vegan who has experience back lash? Please comment below!


What I ate today Day 14

Two weeks!

Today was a busy day. I woke up stressed out, dehydrated and just not feeling well. I had decided the night before I would go to a yoga class. I did, and felt so much better. I then went to the gym, went grocery shopping, had a bath and worked a 7.5 hour shift. And of  course I cooked myself 3 meals today as well.

breakfast: bagel with cashew butter and banana.

lunch: grilled daiya cheese and tomato soup

snack: Apple

Dinner: Leftover  pizza with roasted cauliflower, olives, fakey chicken, red onion and daiya  cheese.

Snack: Coconut chocolate chip ice cream

Snack: Vanilla cultured coconut with blueberries and strawberries

Late night snack: Bagel with tofutti cream cheese. Dark chocolate bar.

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What I ate today Day 13

I apologize that my blog post haven’t been very interesting lately. I am working, readying myself for an event on Wednesday, and it’s been a bit all consuming. Regardless, I will continue to at least share with you what I ate today.

Breakfast: Went to imperial with my bestie. We got Blueberry and banana pancakes with toasted coconut and maple syrup. Hash browns and bean stuffed roasted tomato. Toast. 

Lunch: Bow tie pasta with broccoli, tomato, cashew cheese, brussels sprouts and falafel.

Snack: Wheat thins and tofutti cream cheese.

Snack: Primal stick! This is a kind of a “slim jim” for vegans. Tasty, but missing that greasiness…

Late Dinner: Pizza, roasted cauliflower, olives, fakey chicken stuff, red onion, daiya mozzarella cheese. Chocolate almond milk.

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What I ate today day 12/what I ate as an omnivore

I didn’t really eat enough  yesterday. I went to bed at 2:30 hungry and exhausted. Just one of those days.

Breakfast: pancakes with cashew butter, banana and maple syrup

Dinner: potato and herb perogies, tofutti sour cream, cole slaw

Snack: banana Bread

Snack: banana, chocolate cherrios

Snack: wheat thins with tofutti cream cheese.

Normally, when not being a vegan, my day would  go some thing like this:

Breakfast: sesame bagel, butter, fancy salt

Dinner: (at work, for free) mac and cheese, with tomatoes and cornbread croutons

Snack: (at work for free) pimento cheese and cracker, devilled egg

After work: Ketchup chips with sour cream

You can see a) how unhealthy that diet was, and b) how cheap and convenient it was!

Is this more expensive? Yes. feeding 2 of us strictly with food prepared at home is costly….Though only about 25% more. Which is kinda of strange considering how much more home food we are eating.

Off to have brunch at Imperial! Enjoy the mild slushy day:)

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What I ate today day 11

Breakfast: Chocolate cultured coconut with fruit, rye toast with earth balance (vegan butter).

Lunch: Roasted cauliflower green curry with falafel. sliced apple.

Snack: Banana bread

Late night dinner: Grilled cheese and tomato soup


There was some talk on twitter today (you can follow me if you like @sarah_j_allen) about making coconut “bacon”. My dear boyfriend and I just acquired a smoker, and I am definitely game to try this out one day! I’ll let you know how it goes! 


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What I ate today day 10/ b-a-n-a-n-a-s


Breakfast: Cashew butter on toast with banana. Tea and chocolate almond milk.

Snack: Banana!

Lunch: Grilled cheese (with Daiya cheese). Tomato soup. Simple arugula salad with cucumber.

Dinner: Chickpea burger on rye with avocado

Snack: buffalo wing pretzels, little bit of chocolate

Snack: Banana bread!! There are many recipes out there. This is the one I used, but I used regular flour and added a bunch of dried fruit, nuts and seeds.

Snack: Chocolate cultured coconut with fruit. Apple. Trail mix.


I also wanted to mention quickly how I feel. I feel great! Energy levels are high.  I have a way easier time getting out of bed in the morning. And I am having less “fuzzy vision”.  Just feeling super good and happy!

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What I ate today day 9- plus some exciting news!

First the food.

Breakfast: Pancakes with maple syrup, jam, fruit. Seitan sausages. Tea. Super healthy fruit smoothie drink. For the pancakes I used egg replacer which my friend gave me to try. Worked like a charm!

Snack: Chocolate cultured coconut and fruit.

Early Dinner/Late lunch: Quesadilla, nachos and shake n bake tofu.

Dessert: chocolate chip cookie dough coconut ice cream

Late dinner: bow tie pasta with broccoli, olive, red onion, cashew cheese.

Snack: Wheat thins with tofutti “better than cream cheese”. first time trying this. Amazing product. Tastes exactly like cream cheese.

More snacks: Toast with cashew butter and banana (finally ripe!)

More snacks! I just could not seem to eat enough tonight. I also  enjoyed some mint chocolate bar.

And the news?

I was asked to fill in for a chef would was unable to attend the annual Red and White in support of Harmony House women’s shelter. It’s an honor to be asked and it will be a pleasure to participate! I will be doing a demo and one dish for 300  people! 

I would have definitely considered creating a vegan dish, but another chef in the event (my friend Caroline Ishii of ZenKitchen) has already filled that niche so I decided not to. I won’t ruin the surprise now though, you will just have to wait til next wednesday to hear all about it!

In other news, I’m opening a restaurant!


What I ate today day 8

Breakfast: Rye toast with cashew butter (no banana, they are green and refuse to ripen!), lots of fresh pineapple.

Lunch: PIta and hummus,more pineapple.

Dinner: Pizza! Topped with tomato sauce, cashew cheese, broccoli, cherry tomato, olives, avocado, cilantro and lime.


I also had a couple glasses of chocolate almond milk to wash it down:)

Snack: A new product I am trying out, chocolate favored cultured coconut. Kinda of like yogurt I figured. Well it’s more like chocolate pudding. Either way I like it. I added some blackberries and kiwi to it for a snack to take to work.


Snack:more pita and hummus.